Introducing LeanRite™
Office Chair

In today’s digital-friendly, mobile-savvy work environments, freedom of movement and working positions that foster both health and productivity gain importance every day. And while standing desks help, using them alone often leads to fatigue, bad posture and chronic back pain. The solution? A smarter chair.

A seamless blend of orthopedics and ergonomics

Designed and developed in collaboration with leading specialists in the fields of orthopedics and contemporary furniture, LeanRite is an adjustable system that encourages healthy posture, and therefore, better productivity in any position.

Adjusts to the way you work

Standing while working can be healthy. But when fatigue sets in, problems occur. LeanRite not only helps workers comfortably stand longer with an adjustable seat that offers ergonomic posture support, it can be adjusted to accommodate both sitting and perching, depending on your body’s needs.

Increase productivity, be more engaged, feel healthier, and live better.