Executive Desk Toys and Fun Office Accessories

Executive Desk Toys and Fun Office Accessories - Ergo Impact

Sometimes the work day just seems to drag on. Since your office probably feels like your second home rather than just a workplace, you might as well spruce it up and make it your own. Desk toys and gadgets allow you to show off your personality without compromising your professionalism. What’s more, they can be a clue for co-workers into what makes you tick, when to leave you alone, and just how obsessed you are with the Marvel Universe. (Hey, we’re not judging!)

Cool Stuff for Your Desk

We’ve got some desk accessory suggestions that will take your workspace up a notch; from practical to fun, we’ve got you covered.

Embrace the Fidget

If you’ve got kids, there’s no doubt you’ve probably bought a fidget spinner or two. But fidget accessories aren’t only for kids. Items like the popular fidget cubes and spinners keep restless hands moving. They can spark creativity and imagination. However, they aren't the only fun desk accessories that aid restlessness. Items, like stress balls, Rubik’s Cube, slime better known in the executive world as Thinking Putty), interlocking chain links, and even Slinkies, can do the trick.


Stay Calm

We love the peace and calm these desk accessories bring us all day long. Tap into your inner Zen and relax without clocking out. Not even Janice from accounting will want to yell at you for your expense report once she tunes into the relaxing vibes around your desk. 

Liquid motion display  

Zen sand tray

Bonsai tree

Newton’s Cradle

Desktop golf 


Go Retro

Just can’t leave the past behind? Neither can we! That’s why we a love miniature take on games from days gone by. Fun, whimsical office stress relief toys. What could be better? Head back to childhood with a mini arcade game, cornhole, tic-tac-toe, fingerboard, or magnetic fishing game. Or how about a modern take on a retro typewriter


For Your Green Thumb

We couldn’t help but include these fun and unique planters. Small household plants are perfect for office settings. Office plants we love include succulents, African violets, and cacti. However, it’s not the plants we’re in love with, it’s the planters. These fun and adorable planters will make even the grumpiest cactus happy.

Ceramic llama planter

Dinosaur planters  

Geometric shape planters  

If your thumb is a little more brown than green, consider something that requires little maintenance, like this gem of an air plant kit. Or, you, know, fill these cool planters with candy. Unless, that is, you don’t want people hanging in your space.


Co-worker Deterrent Accessories

Deter chatty co-workers (or the intern who never seems to have enough to do) with desk accessories that let your office mates know when you’re available and when it’s best to leave you to your work:

Productivity light 

Mini White Board

Flip Signs

Put the Fun in Functional

Keeping your office looking professional doesn’t have to be boring. Put the fun in functional with these helpful office and desk accessories.

The LeanRite Standing Desk Chair

Business card holders

Desk organizers 

A decision paperweight

Electric coaster drink chiller


Any desk accessory that adds a bit of whimsy and personality to your office space will add a bit of fun into your work day and make your office space feel more like home away from home.

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