How To Use: LeanRite Sit Stand Chair (Here Are 5+ Ways)

How To Use: LeanRite Sit Stand Chair (Here Are 5+ Ways) - Ergo Impact

The LeanRite Elite is now in Fortune 500 corporate offices, home offices, laboratories, manufacturing floors, and retail outlets around the world. With so many people enjoying the LeanRite’s flexible sit-stand-lean options, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite positions to best use the chair and maintain your posture.

1. The Lumbar Lean

Position the seat in the horizontal setting and raise or lower it so that it hits your lumbar, or lower spine, area. It might be around your belt height.

2. The Wall

Flip the seat to a full vertical position and lean back. It’s similar to the Lumbar Lean, but provides broader coverage and support.

3. Angled Perch

Move the seat into a horizontal position down around your tailbone, which is just below your lumbar area. Next flip the seat up and adjust the height up or down as necessary. You want to feel support just below your glutes so that you can lean back in a well-supported perch position.

4. Ergo Stool

Flip the seat into a horizontal position, use your foot to step on the pedal and squeeze the handle below the seat, and press down to lower the seat. This is an upright seated position. For good posture, your knees should be below your hips, with spine straight.

5. Task Seat

Step on the foot pedal to lower the seat down to a traditional seated position. Click to read more suggestions for maintaining good posture.

Our founder, Jonathan Sheinkop, walks you through this position below.


New Tips

Some users will simply enjoy using a footrest. We don’t carry a branded one yet, but we have users who recommend this one. It’s helpful for both standing with feet extended and also resting your feet on while sitting.

LeanRite owners get creative and find all sorts of ways to use it! How do you like to use your LeanRite? Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag #LeanRite.

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