Reduce pain and fatigue with a standing chair

Reduce pain and fatigue with a standing chair - Ergo Impact

I knew I was onto something when I invented the LeanRite standing desk chair and now there’s proof! A recent Marquette University Department of Physical Therapy study found that our award-winning standing chair will “reduce pain and fatigue when compared to standing alone.”

Standing desks are more popular than ever as people become more aware of the health issues associated with sitting. However, standing for hours on end can also lead to other types of health problems. The LeanRite eliminates these concerns with multiple positions (sit, stool, perch, and lean) that allow users to move more throughout their workday, keeping bodies and minds fresh and focused.

I thought I’d transformed my workspace and health habits when I got a standing desk. For the first time in years I felt like I was on the right track. I imagined that my standing desk would be part of a new healthy lifestyle. I suffered from back and shoulder pain as a result of sitting all day in an office chair. My new adjustable height desk represented an important life change.

But I soon discovered that standing all day has its own problems. After a short time on my feet, I began to fatigue. I routinely found myself leaning forward against the desk with bad posture to relieve the physical stress. There had to be a better way. I searched for a solution but didn’t find one, so I created my own, the LeanRite. An adjustable chair is a perfect companion for an adjustable desk. The first prototype of the LeanRite was really just for my own use.

When I looked deeper into the issue of chronic back pain and other problems that can result from sitting all day, I was astounded. It turns out my pain was not unique. Millions of people suffer the same lower back issues that I did. I realized that the LeanRite was too good to keep to myself.

As innovative companies like Google commit to providing only adjustable height desks when setting up new offices, it’s important to understand that standing desks alone represent only half of the wellness equation. The LeanRite is the other half.

Leading companies understand that investments in employee wellness have a high ROI. Small business owners directly feel the impact of health problems on their bottom line. Regardless of size, the LeanRite can be a win for all organizations.

I'm confident that the LeanRite is a game changer because I experienced its transformative power in my own life. I no longer suffer from back or shoulder pain. I’ve even lost weight due to a more active work lifestyle. However, I know my experience is anecdotal. That's why I’m so excited to announce the findings of the research conducted at Marquette University’s Department of Physical Therapy.

After confirming that the LeanRite can reduce pain and fatigue compared to standing alone, the author of the study, Andrew Starsky, PT, PhD., went on to say, “we believe the reductions [in pain and fatigue] are likely to be even more significant among users that have existing health issues and when used for longer sessions that more closely represent a typical workday.”

I’m excited to share the benefits of the LeanRite with the world. Join our newsletter to stay in touch as we prepare for our product release in 2018.

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