Ergonomic Evolution: Adapting to Your New Standing Chair

Ergonomic Evolution: Adapting to Your New Standing Chair

When introducing the LeanRite Elite to newcomers, I like to say, "Using a standing chair for the first time is like taking a new car for a spin.

How so? Allow me to explain....

Imagine yourself in the driver's seat of a brand-new car, knees pressed against the dashboard, fiddling with buttons and levers until you find that perfect, cozy spot. You adjust the rear-view mirror, and you're off on your journey. It takes just a few turns to get used to the gas pedal's sensitivity, the feel of the brakes, and the turning radius of the steering wheel. By the end of your drive, what once seemed foreign and daunting becomes second nature. The more you drive, the more you appreciate your new car's high performance.

Similarly, transitioning to a standing desk chair might seem intimidating initially. Everyone has unique posture needs, so finding your ideal position requires a bit of customization. Just as you wouldn't hop into a new car without adjusting the driver's seat and mirror, getting the most out of a standing chair requires tailoring it to your posture. Before you know it, you'll have unlocked the full potential of your new standing chair through these adjustments. Luckily, the LeanRite Elite's standout feature, its versatility, makes it the best standing desk chair on the market. 

As our customers put it, 

Standing Chair Graphic

"The variations of how you can use the LeanRite are its strongest feature."

"The more you use it, the more you appreciate its design and versatility."

With a height range of 24 inches and three seat angles, the LeanRite Elite adapts to support your unique posture needs. Take Ian's experience, for example:


A worthwhile Purchase!

"I've held off before reviewing my LeanRite standing chair until now because I wanted some time to see how I would use it and how it would work out for me. I'm a professional comic book creator who spends long hours in a work position and recently moved from a regular seated desk to a more ergonomic standing one. While a standing position is better for me physically, I was getting back and foot pain from standing all day. I saw the LeanRite reviewed well online and decided to give it a go. I was hesitant as it's not cheap, and if it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, then it would have been an expensive stab in the dark. I'm happy to say it worked out well! It’s a sturdy, robust bit of kit. It was shipped and delivered remarkably fast (I live in the UK) and using the online video, very easy to assemble. The padded base is just what I needed to ease the discomfort in my feet and once I found the optimum position for the seat/back rest it has resolved my lower back pain. If you’re on the fence about purchasing one, I’d say it’s worth taking a chance"


Ian's story mirrors many others who've found relief with Ergo Impact. After finding his “optimum position”, the back pain faded away. Like Ian, Rick needed a moment to adjust:
Really helps my back pain!
"I have been using a LeanRite for the past year and I want to share that it is an amazing product. It took me a little while to fully adjust to using all the different positions, but I can't imagine working at my standing desk without it now. "


As with driving, using a LeanRite requires some acclimation, but for those who take the time, the reward is freedom from pain. So, experiment with what works for you, much like Henry:

More Than Doubled My Productivity!

"It is very convenient to adjust the seat on the fly whenever my body feels like it needs to sit or stand, or lean against to relax in an upright position. I start my day by sitting on it for a little bit, then adjust it to my mid back to lean against, which eliminates my back strain if any, and then I end up perching for a while. My tips: Perching for a while was numbing my buttocks, so using the seat pad eliminated that problem. I use the footrest everytime. It helps with alignment, stability, and comfort too. Don't settle with cheaper ones at Amazon, because they don't hold there form, whereas the one from ErgoImpact keeps it's shape and support. Top quality!"

Henry may prefer a Sit-Lean-Perch routine, but the combinations are endless! As you explore different height ranges and seat angles, you'll discover your own preferred posture positions and develop a daily routine to maximize the benefits of the LeanRite. Some find truly creative methods for enjoying their LeanRite. For example, check out the creative way David has used his standing chair:

Fantastic for all-day leaning

"I've been using the LeanRite Elite for 8 months and highly recommend it! I had been doing various methods of standing at work for years (M, 6' tall), and the LeanRite is the best and only equipment I've found to lean all day without worrying about tipping or having to put weight on my forearms on the desktop for stability. Some tips: - I love the 'standing chair' and 'perching chair' positions, but haven't been able to sit fully on it ('stool') without my back hurting before long. I've also really enjoyed turning the chair around in the stool position and resting a knee on it (call it 'flamingo position'?) - I find you always need to be wearing padded shoes or stand barefoot on the footrest (I prefer the footrest)."

These examples are just a few of the best standing desk chair tips out there. So, embrace the LeanRite's versatility and find the perfect position for you. Whether it's the "Flamingo Position" or your very own creation, LeanRite's adjustability will support you and reduce discomfort throughout the day. Remember, what's new takes some getting used to, but the reward is well worth it!


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