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LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain
LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain
LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain
LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain
LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain
Standing chair for corporate offices

LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain

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  • Dr. of Orthopedic Surgery & Dr. of Physical Therapy recommended standing desk chair
  • Offers a wide variety of posture supporting positions from leaning to sitting & standing
  • UL Certified
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Ergonomic Standing Chair for Preventing Back Pain

"Posture is considered one of the risk factors for lower back pain and perching above certain degrees can improve that."

- Mamiko Noguchi, Kinesiology, Biomechanics Researcher

Ergonomic Armrest for Standing Desk Xtra Seat-Cushion For LeanRite™ Anti-Slip Footrest for LeanRite™ High Density Foam (Customized) Electric Massager for LeanRite™

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“My Lean Rite has been a complete game changer! Working from home is 1000X more enjoyable with this standing chair."

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The LeanRite Is A Sign of A Healthy & Ergonomic Workplace

In case you’re wondering…

LeanRite usability testers ranging in height from under 5'0" to 6'4" tall reported that they were able to comfortably use our standing desk chair. The recommended weight tolerance for sitting is 270 pounds.

People over 6'4 can absolutely use the LeanRite for multiple perching positions and sitting, but may find the lumbar lean position to be low.

People of shorter stature may benefit from adding a foam footrest when in the fully seated position. We recommend a specific non-slip model that we now offer in our online store.

Click here for a more detailed overview of the LeanRite standing desk chair's specifications.

Research shows that seat-backs are unnecessary and may even be harmful to our back muscles. Check out our past blog called, A Perching Posture Proven to Be Ideal for Lower Back Pain. Seat-backs are modern "conveniences" that can force our anatomy into unnatural positions while purporting to correct flaws intrinsic to our bodies. The biggest benefit of not having a seat-back is a user's ability to sit a little higher than usual, which increases our hip angle. A more open hip angle activates core muscles and helps us keep more of a natural curve in our spine. It may require a little practice, but your back and core will soon be strong enough to not require extra support, yet still feel comfortable because you're moving so much more.

Nope!.. It will not tip over or roll away.

The LeanRite is stabilized by your own bodyweight. The base dimensions are designed so the center of gravity keeps the LeanRite stable. When operated as recommended in our usage guide, it is nearly impossible to tip over. It will not roll away either. The wheels are only useful when it is tilted backwards to move it on purpose.

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