Xtra Seat-Cushion For LeanRite™

This (custom-made), Ergonomic seat cushion is designed to add a little extra support for your sit bones (ischial tuberosity).

This seating accessory was uniquely designed by us to complement that LeanRite. It easily straps around the LeanRite's seat to add both cushioning and anti-slip when seated. The inner high-density foam maintains its shape even after thousands of uses.

Designed to provide just enough comfort and support without negatively affecting posture or leading to slouching as occurs when a seat is too soft.

  • Made of hypoallergenic, resilient, high-density foam that distributes weight evenly to relieve tension or soreness from your butt and back.
  • Anti-slip polyester/silicone fabric for the bottom (black)+ mesh fabric for top and sides (black).
  • The size is 12" X 13.5" X 1.2"