LeanRite Elite - Ergonomic Standing Chair Designed for Preventing Back Pain

87 reviews
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  • Dr. of Orthopedic Surgery & Dr. of Physical Therapy recommended standing desk chair
  • Offers a wide variety of posture supporting positions from leaning to sitting & standing
  • UL Certified
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    I recommend this product

    More Than Doubled My Productivity!

    After doing extensive research for the lowest cost chair for my standing desk, nothing compared to the LeanRite. Well worth the investment if you need to stand all day to stay awake for work but want some breaks when your legs get tired without having to move to another place, or are serious about making work comfortable. It is very convenient to adjust the seat on the fly whenever my body feels like it needs to sit or stand, or lean against to relax in an upright position. I start my day by sitting on it for a little bit, then adjust it to my mid back to lean against, which eliminates my back strain if any, and then I end up perching for a while. My tips: Perching for a while was numbing my buttocks, so using the seat pad eliminated that problem. I use the footrest everytime. It helps with alignment, stability, and comfort too. Don't settle with cheaper ones at Amazon, because they don't hold there form, whereas the one from ErgoImpact keeps it's shape and support. Top quality! Extras: It gives a nice back stretch when you arc backwards over the seat, and nice hamstring stretch when you lower seat to place a leg on top of it.


    Ergo Impact

    What great feedback! Thank you for writing this. I feel like we are sharing the same experience in each of your comments. Best Regards, Jonathan S

    Kristi T.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Wish I had gotten this years ago

    After 2 knee surgeries, standing is better than sitting so this gives me flexibility to lean, stand and even sit a bit if needed.


    Ergo Impact

    Thank you very much for your feedback. We are so happy that you found the LeanRite to be helpful for your situation. Sincerely, Jonathan

    A Ergo Impact Customer
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Loving the LeanRite since June 2018!

    I've worked from home for over 20 years and had lots of back problems during that time. Purchased the LeanRite Elite in June 2018 and have loved it ever since! I've used a sit-stand desk since 2016 but struggled to stand for more than an hour or so at a time. Once I got the LeanRite with the padded mat...I stand for 6 to 8 hours per day! Like most other users, I will vary between leaning against it like a wall but the best time is when I use it with the seat pushing into my lumbar area....really makes standing much more comfortable. The variations of how you can use the LeanRite are it's strongest feature.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    I love my chair

    I receive the invitation to givr my opinion about the chair a couple of days after i received it, but I preferred to wait until I had a long period of time experience using it. By today, I have been using this chair for over 9 hours a day, and my experience has been highly positive. The different hight positions I can set this chair have helped me to spend several hours a day working without felling that my back is killing me. I am extremely happy with this purchase I made.


    Ergo Impact

    Thank you so much for leaving your feedback, Emiliano! It's really great to read this. Very Sincerely, Jonathan S Ergo Impact

    A Ergo Impact Customer
    Jeannie K.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    I suffer from low back pain due to degenerative L4/L5 so sitting was becoming problematic. I have been sitting in a regular chair all day 8-10 hours a day but as my back has ached more and more, I swapped in my exercise ball and decided that I needed to go with the standing desk set up. I'd initially tried a wobble stool but I quickly realized it wasn't going to be a good long term solutions. After a little research, I found the LeanRite Elite. While I thought switching from all day sitting to standing might require time to transition, I stood the entire first day. While I did play with the different heights, It's been a week and I've been standing all day long. While I'm happy that I have the option to perch and sit, I actually prefer having it raised up to my lower back with the seat in the upright position (I call it 'The Wall) where I can lean against the seat. Tilting the seat so the lip of the seat fits into the small of my back is also a good option. While the cost is on the high side, the LeanRite standing chair is a solid investment to ensure good back health.