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Create a Healthy Office Environment - Ergo Impact

Gone are the days of office workers suffering in gray-scale cubicles under blinding fluorescent lights. The 21st Century office features skylights, in-office massages, a pantry full of healthy office snacks, and daily catered lunches.

What, you don’t have that?

Well, you aren’t alone. While leading companies have made strides to create healthier workplaces, this idealized version remains out of reach for many employees.

That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Creating a work atmosphere that encourages employee health and wellness is good for business. Workplace wellness programs attract Millennial workers, improve productivity, and foster employee loyalty. Employee wellness programs may also be part of a virtuous cycle in which workers support each other’s healthy behaviors and can make a positive impact on the company’s bottom line as they take fewer days off recovering from injury and illness. In fact, employee wellness programs have a high ROI.

Your can make workplace wellness a priority regardless of where you work.

Granted, there may be some challenges to establishing workplace wellness initiatives (especially if your home office is just steps from your kitchen). Here’s how you can create a positive healthy workspace wherever you get your job done.

What Makes a Healthy Office?

A healthy office isn’t difficult to achieve. To surround yourself in a healthy work environment, pay attention to these three elements:

Healthy Office Snacks

Snackers gonna snack. Surround yourself with healthy choices, ideally fresh fruits and vegetables prepped for convenient munching. Nuts and other low-sugar, high protein snacks keep you energized throughout the day.

The Opportunity to Move

Don’t sit for hours on end. But, conversely, don’t stand all day, either. Ergo Impact’s LeanRite sit-stand-lean chair makes it easy to move in conjunction with your adjustable-height desk. Don’t have an adjustable-height desk? We’ve got tips to keep you moving during the workday regardless.

Holistic Wellness

Focus you body, but also your mental and emotional state, as you move throughout your day.

These small changes will help you feel good during your work day.

Opt for Clean Air    

Allergens and chemicals found in office furniture and carpet can lead to recurring illnesses. If you’re able, open your window or invest in a small air purifier with a HEPA filter for your desk or office space.

Move Through Your Day    

Sitting for too long can cause problems with your posture and spine, not to mention sap your energy. Get up and get moving.

Propose Healthy Changes to Your Boss or HR Rep

Having the support of your boss or employer can be a helpful boost towards creating a healthy workplace. Suggest ideas that are easy to implement:

  • Start a friendly workplace fitness challenge. It can be as simple as a daily habit challenge or tracking steps on a weekly basis.
  • Launch a workplace fitness club. Yoga or walking clubs can meet over lunch or before or after work.
  • Request healthier foods. Whether you have a full cafeteria or a few vending machines, healthy food options lead to healthier food consumption.

Other small changes include adding some green to your office space in the form of plants or green accents or decorations, which give off a healthy vibe.

You may not have a sunlit atrium at your office, but perhaps you can move your desk to be closer to a window or other source of natural light.

It can be a challenge to transfer a healthy lifestyle to the office but with slow changes and the support of coworkers, everyone can feel more energized, more productive, and less stressed in the workplace.

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