Introducing the Ergo Impact App

Introducing the Ergo Impact App - Ergo Impact

Just as our award-winning LeanRite™ Elite sit-stand chair is the perfect companion for an adjustable-height desk, our new Ergo Impact Healthy Workplace Reminder App is the perfect companion for the LeanRite and for you. With notifications, a log that includes calories burned, recommended stretches, and posture tips, it’s designed to keep you active throughout the workday.

Free in the App Store and in the Google Play Store, the Ergo Impact Healthy Workplace Reminder App sends customized reminders to encourage movement based on your work schedule. You’ll receive gentle prompts to remind you to change positions throughout your day.

Say Hello to a New Habit

You’ve been sitting at a desk for most of your life. We know that can be a hard habit to break! By logging the amount of time you stand on the LeanRite’s built-in anti-fatigue mat you can track your progress as you increase your standing time. In addition, the Healthy Workplace Reminder App will show you how many extra calories you burn as a result of standing instead of sitting.

Say Goodbye to Back Pain

It’s not just about burning calories, though. The Ergo Impact App encourages you to flex your muscles, too, with full-color photos that demonstrate a variety of workplace-friendly stretches to help you strengthen your core and keep lower back pain at bay.

Posture Perfect

Our app also provides insights on Proper Neutral Posture (PNP). The general guidelines, like keeping your shoulders back and relaxed, can improve your core in almost any situation. Of course, we also share examples and diagrams of PNP for sitting, perching, leaning, and standing based on the LeanRite’s many positions.

Take the Next Step

Working at a standing desk is an important step toward a healthier worklife. Pairing that desk with a LeanRite Elite will put you on the road to fitness and the Ergo Impact App will help you keep going.

No Standing Desk? No Problem

You can use the Ergo Impact app to remind you to get up and move and improve your posture wherever you work. The app is one more way we promote wellness in the workplace and help people sit less - move more - live better.

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