LeanRite Makes the Cut on Numerous 2018 Holiday Gift Guides!

LeanRite Makes the Cut on Numerous 2018 Holiday Gift Guides! - Ergo Impact

As 2018 comes to a close, our team has much to celebrate and be proud of. First and foremost: all the recognition that our LeanRite Elite standing desk chair has received over the year for being the ideal chair to accompany a standing desk.

When we began designing the LeanRite, we went in with a mission of solving the problems that the standing desk originally aimed to but failed to solve on its own. All of the recognition we’ve received is validation that we’ve gotten it right in our chair’s design — and are helping standing desk users work comfortably, free of pain and fatigue.

Here are some of our shining features, in the spirit of the holiday season:

CNET’s Splurge a little: Great gifts under $500

CNET’s recommended gift list includes some of the funnest gadgets and innovative tech from 2018 — and includes our LeanRite. The author makes a note that though the LeanRite doesn’t meet the $500 budget by just a hair — it is most certainly worthy of the feature, being ‘A great gift for anyone who plans to get fitter in 2019’

mHUB Chicago’s Top Holiday Gifts 2018 list   


The entrepreneurs at mHUB work to develop products across all sectors, always with the consumer in mind. And in the spirit of a new year, they compiled a list of the best gifts that support a happier, healthier, safer family in 2019. So the LeanRite’s feature confirms the progress of our work in encouraging healthier lifestyles and physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  


Brian Luerssens’ Brian’s 2018, Mostly-Definitive Guide to Chicago Startup & Small Co.’s Holiday Gift Ideas on Medium

A Chicago-based Entrepreneur himself, Brian curated a guide to some of the best products from up-and-coming companies out of Chicago and gave us a shout out as ‘the best stool for your adjustable height desk’ in the home or office.  


Shannah Henderson’s Must-Have Holiday Gifts For Tech-Savvy Home Business Owners list for Home Business

Making the cut for Shannah’s list of tech innovations and office essentials that improve productivity and health is a real honor. In the feature, Shannah emphasizes how the LeanRite reduces back pain, encourages proper posture, and keeps the body moving each day — lending rest and support as needed.  


Joni Sweet’s These Holiday Gifts Belong on Every Business Owner’s Wish List for NCR Silver

Here, our Lean-Rite earns the ‘entrepreneur’s’ seal of approval as a great gift for business owners — being the solution to sitting all day, and ideal chair that makes working at a standing desk comfortable.

Co-founder and president of DesireList  Judith Levey offered a great testimonial for the feature: “The best gift I’ve ever received as an entrepreneur is my LeanRite standing desk chair. I can lean against it with my lower back supported for hours, and it’s adjustable to a bunch of different positions...”


Rated as the #1 best standing desk chair by Ezvid Wiki

Ezvid Wiki prides itself on providing useful, unbiased information and actionable guidance to their audience. So their team spent 28 hours reviewing a variety of chairs designed to accompany a standing desk from kneeling stools to high-backrest chair with lumbar support, to adjustable-height seats with tilt control. And arrived at the conclusion that our LeanRite is the best chair for a standing desk user.


We give great thanks to those who’ve given our LeanRite a chance in order to discover all it has to offer. Being a revolutionary product that quite literally redefines what’s expected of our office chairs it really is a product that one has to experience for themself in order appreciate the tremendous benefits of. Namely: working comfortably, all day long.

And though the audience of many of these wonderful features is entrepreneurs, small business owners, and techies, our LeanRite helps anyone who works at a computer or stands all day find freedom from pain and fatigue through movement and the proper support of the right chair.

It is on this positive note we wish all our readers and fans the warmest holiday season and the happiest of new years.

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