Sit Stand Chair Reviews of LeanRite

Sit Stand Chair Reviews of LeanRite - Ergo Impact

Even with our team’s hard work, attention to detail, and careful planning, it’s nerve-wracking to put a new product out into the world. Especially one as innovative as the LeanRite Elite. The LeanRite redefines what it means to be a desk chair. But the reviews are in and it’s clear that we’re achieving our mission to help people live healthier lifestyles, ease their back pain, and make the most of their standing desks.

The LeanRite does more than give people a place to sit (or perch or lean), it’s changing lives.

Take this Amazon review from Heidi, whose employer purchased the LeanRite for her due to her previous back problems. “I bought this Leanrite about two months ago and I freakin' LOVE IT! I...have a terrible congenital back issue which makes sitting painful. I had back surgery one year ago and asked my neurosurgeon what I could do to protect my back and he said, ‘Sitting is the worst thing that you can possibly do for your back.’ I looked at the available standing chairs on the market and guessed this would be my best bet. I was not disappointed!”

Then there’s Eugene, who calls the LeanRite “the only chair to consider for a standing desk.” Like many of our customers, he pairs our product with a VariDesk.

“The LeanRite Elite is the perfect chair for your adjustable height desk,” proclaims Laura from If It’s Hip It’s Here.

And Judie, who writes at Gear Diary, gets right to the point in her review. “LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs.” Like many other Ergo Impact customers, she didn’t make full use of her standing desk until she got her LeanRite. She appreciates the many  seating possibilities, as well as the flexible seat. “Sometimes it feels really good to flip the seat into the upright position against my back, as it fits along my spine and gives great support.” Her review includes plenty of photos illustrating how easy it is to assemble the LeanRite.

She summarizes with this key thought, “If you have a standing desk that you’ve been guiltily using in the “sit” position more times then you’d care to admit, this is the answer! I love the LeanRite Elite, and it’s now a permanent fixture in my office!”

Lucas, who writes about back-friendly gear on his website, praises the LeanRite for ease of assembly, sturdiness, and high-quality materials that help users feel safe and balanced regardless of which of our six postures they choose to use. “I consider the seat tilting functionality the biggest selling point of this sit stand chair. Even pricier {competitors} lack this function, yet this makes a sit stand desk truly ergonomic.”

“I’m in love with my newest standing desk chair,” he writes. “Every time I enter my home office, this benevolent piece of furniture catches my eye right away. But it does much more than just pleasing my eyes of course. It actually saves my lower back.”

The LeanRite Elite also has raving fans over on New Egg. Nick calls the LeanRite game-changing. “I can feel that I have gained core strength and the aches and pains seem to have regressed. This is a must have product - if you have a stand up desk then this is the only chair that can go hand in hand.” And Ben likes the chair so much that he bought a total of 15 for his employees!

We’re sure you’ll like the LeanRite Elite as much as theses folks. Give it a try if you’re looking for a workplace solution for your back pain or simply want to make better use of your standing desk.

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