The LeanRite helps Increase Productivity

The LeanRite helps Increase Productivity - Ergo Impact

The Healthy and Productive Solution for Standing Desks

The LeanRite™ Elite Sit-Stand Chair Helps People Stay Focused and Healthy at Standing Desks

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Date March 7, 2018   For Immediate Release

Chicago, Illinois - A recent study about the health risks of standing desks is gaining buzz just as Chicago-based Ergo Impact prepares to launch its first product, the LeanRite™ Elite, the adjustable-height standing desk chair. The team at Ergo Impact knows that maintaining any one position at a desk too long is problematic.

“This isn’t news to us,” says Jonathan Sheinkop, Ergo Impact CEO and founder. “Our website notes that standing for long periods of time causes fatigue and leads to bad posture, as well as other health risks.” The LeanRite eliminates these concerns by offering people multiple positions: sit, stand, perch, and lean. This variety allows users to move more throughout their workday, keeping bodies and minds fresh and focused.

Sheinkop conducted an informal study when he bought a standing desk five years ago. He admits,”I thought it would be the cure for my aching back. Instead, the desk led to a new set of problems.”

Making the Most of Standing Desks

He learned that the key to staying fit and focused at work is to move repeatedly throughout the day. Sheinkop went on to enlist the brightest minds in ergonomics, orthopedic medicine, physical therapy, manufacturing, research, furniture design, and industrial product design to create the LeanRite, the ideal companion to adjustable height desks. 

You can raise or lower the height of the LeanRite seat and adjust its angle as well. See the positions and features of the LeanRite in this video

A recent study* found that the award-winning standing chair will “reduce pain and fatigue when compared to standing alone.” Ongoing, real-world usability testing at mHUB, Chicago’s innovation center for physical product development, has yielded feedback from nearly 50 testers. To date, each tester agrees that the LeanRite is a healthy alternative to a traditional chair and that regular use of the LeanRite will encourage them to raise and lower their desks more often. More than 80% reported that it kept them more active during the day (and, yes, there’s an app for that).

Testers appreciate the many features that the design team incorporated into the LeanRite. This includes the lumbar support and the embedded anti-fatigue mat, which make standing more enjoyable. The LeanRite brings a new level of comfort to the standing desk.

That said, too much standing can get tiring. That’s why the LeanRite lets you switch it from a perch to a stool to a seat, easily adjusting the LeanRite during the day to accommodate your body’s needs.

The LeanRite is the Ergonomic Seating Solution for Standing Desks

The LeanRite is a game changer. It encourages workers to develop healthy new habits, which is great news for those who use standing desks.

The LeanRite is also great news for employers who want to maximize their return on investment in standing desks that have been underutilized.

The LeanRite is on presale for a limited time prior to its launch. 

* The study was conducted by the Marquette University Department of Physical Therapy.

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